What we believe and our vision for the Church

The Severnside Evangelical Churches Trust was set up in 1987 with the primary aim of sharing the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in the villages of Severnside. The group also supports other Christian bodies working in the United Kingdom and abroad to advance the Christian faith and the building of God’s Kingdom. ( Read the 1980 document that further details our vision.)

Our vision

  • Worship: We believe that the key to releasing the power of God is in worship and our music groups lead us in singing worship songs which bring us into His presence. Our services are specifically aimed at families worshipping together and the children have a part to play in the service.

  • Body ministry: God has given every believer gifts to be used in building His kingdom and we encourage everyone in the fellowship to use their gifts (both spiritual and practical) in the Church.

  • The Holy Spirit: God gives His people the gift of the Holy Spirit who leads us to speak in tongues, prophesy and heal through His power. These gifts and others are used to strengthen the Church and to reach out to those who are searching for God.

  • Intercession: God’s vision for the Church is to have a group of believers in every community in Severnside. We meet together weekly to pray that the vision will become reality, as well as praying for the Church and ministries both home and abroad.

  • Outreach: God has asked every Christian to share Jesus with others. We financially support Christian ministries and invite our local communities to Church events.

Photographs courtesy of 'RStowellSmith'