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Situated in Pilning Street, about 1½ miles from the junction with Bank Road, Pilning and a similar distance from Tockington Green, this small chapel, originally built in 1850, was re-opened for regular use in August 2006. 

We endeavour to meet in a relaxed and informal manner whilst being aware that we are in God's presence. Designated as a ‘House of Prayer for all Nations', the building provides an opportunity to meet with God in various ways and to find ways to influence the world in which we live through prayer and relevant actions. This also includes those times of sharing our own personal situations and praying for one another. Each meeting will have times of worship (in various forms) and includes a time of remembrance of the death and resurrection of Jesus in sharing bread and ‘wine'. 

Remembering it is nearly 2000 years since Jesus died and rose again, we believe He is relevant to our lives and the lives of others today and our meetings try to reflect that.
Sundays start at 10.30am, Mondays and Wednesdays start at 7.30pm 

We also visit other churches and events in the Bristol Region from time to time so please check our Notice Board or contact us to ensure that we are around. 
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Meeting times

Sunday - 11.00am

1st and 3rd

Wednesday - 7.30pm 

Contacts: -Martyn or Christine 

Call  07512 917229

or email

If you would like us to pray for you, your requests can be posted through the letter box at The Vine or sent to us by post to the address above, or by email. Please add a name or initial to identify your request. 
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