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Policy statement for work with children and young people

Our policy is to safeguard the welfare of all children and young people by protecting them from neglect, physical, sexual and emotional harm. As a church we are fully committed to safeguarding the wellbeing of all who attend and those entrusted to our care. We will at all times show respect and understanding for children’s rights, promoting an ethos of listening to children and ensuring their safety and welfare in a way that reflects the Biblical principles of the Christian Church. Children and young people have an important contribution to make in the life of the Church and their views and feelings will be valued. Through our prayerful instruction, love and support, we aim to enable them to grow in the likeness of Jesus in worship, in fellowship and in His service.

Supervision of Children and Young People

  1. Children must be supervised at all times.

  2. Both leaders and workers should know at all times where the children are and what they are doing.

  3. Any activity using potentially dangerous equipment should have constant supervision by adults of suitable qualification or experience.

  4. Dangerous behaviour by children should not be allowed.

  5. Children will be safer if supervised by two or more adults (preferably one of each gender). We will aim to have one adult to 8 children (3+)



We are commited to:-

  1. The safeguarding of children and young people, to listen to them and to give them a sense of belonging and achievement.

  2. Encouraging parents to come to Church and only to work with those who attend regularly.

  3. Taking all reasonable steps to ensure that unsuitable persons are prevented from working with children and young people.

  4. Affirming the unacceptability of threatening, violent or degrading behavior

  5. Identifying all potential situations where children and young people might suffer harm within the activites of the Church

  6. Nominating a “Child Advocate” who will be responsible for involving the statutory agencies in any allegations of abuse.

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