Past services

2nd August

God knows all about you and values you - what and who do you value in your life?


Jesus coming again and prophecy now being fulfilled are you ready?

7th June

Who built the ark? Are you struggling with life at the moment?

5th July

We are only jars of clay - human so we all make mistakes but the Holy Spirit helps us to change

9th August

God will help you through difficult circumstances. Are you ready for eternity?

6th September

Are you making the right choices in life? 

14th June

Thank you service - a time to thank God in all our different circumstances

12th July

How did the blind man see? How to stand firm in your faith in difficult times

16th August

Who climbed a tree to see Jesus? Don't hide behind a mask come as you are to Jesus

13th September

A story of Daniel with a message to keep praying and are you full of fear?

21st June

Is God a crutch?

What do you rely on when things are going wrong?

19th July

Jesus said "I am the way.." have you tried every other way and found it doesn't work?

23rd August

Learning some Hebrew, Isaac&Rebecca & thoughts from Psalm 119

20th September

Importance of prayer and who has the ultimate vaccine?

28th June

Keep running,don't worry God is working his purposes out in your lives

26th July

How was the earth created? Are you feeling lost and alone - God is searching for You today.

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