Past services

22nd November

Are you good enough to go to heaven?


Jesus coming again and prophecy now being fulfilled are you ready?

27th September

God's love and care for us through creation

25th October

Thoughts on marriage from the Bible 

29th November

"Take care that you do not forget the Lord your God" Deutoronomy 8v11

6th September

Are you making the right choices in life? 

4th October

What is more precious than gold or silver?

01st November

No & No Go? what does that mean in manufacturing.What does that mean from God's perspective?

16th August

Who climbed a tree to see Jesus? Don't hide behind a mask come as you are to Jesus

13th September

A story of Daniel with a message to keep praying and are you full of fear?


Are you feeling weighed down by things you have done in the past?

8th November

Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus 

23rd August

Learning some Hebrew, Isaac&Rebecca & thoughts from Psalm 119

20th September

Importance of prayer and who has the ultimate vaccine?

18th October

Welcome to our harvest service

15th November

Do you treasure your Bible? Help and advise in reading it..

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